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Basic information
Address: 400 meters east of Wusha Expressway Exit, beside China National Highway 324, Wusha Town, Xingyi City
Tel: 0859-2252500
Postal code: 562407
Website: www.xydzbwg.com
Email: 1747198028@qq.com

Development History
The Keichousaurus Geopark Museum is divided into two venues, namely the Keichousaurus Geopark Museum and the Guizhou Dragon Fossil in Situ Conservation Museum, covering a total area of 460 acres. In 2012, it was built with an investment of 190 million yuan from the Xingyi Municipal People's Government. It was completed in June 2016 and began receiving tourists. In November 2017, it was transferred to the Xingyi Wanfenglin Tourism Group for operation and management. The museum officially opened on April 10, 2018. It is a public welfare museum for geological popularization in Qianxinan Prefecture.

Mainly divided into paleontological fossils, geological relic landscapes, and ethnic customs.
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