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  1. All exhibits in the Keichousaurus Geopark Museum are open to the public for free.

  2. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00.

  3. There are many steps inside the tube, and there is a wetland pool outside the museum. The water depth is dangerous, please take care of the elderly and children.

  4. Alcoholics and those without or with limited capacity must be accompanied by a guardian before entering.

  5. It is strictly prohibited to bring flammable, explosive, controlled knives and other dangerous goods into the museum.

  6. Our library provides parcel storage services, and please keep your valuables by yourself.

  7. Take care of and use public facilities correctly. Do not touch fossil exhibits.

  8. Consciously maintain environmental hygiene, do not litter, and smoking is prohibited in the museum.

  9. Consciously abide by the order of the visit, do not make loud noise, chase and play.

  10. If you encounter difficulties during the visit, please seek help from the staff.

  11. Alcoholics, individuals with disheveled clothing, and individuals without capacity or restricted capacity without guardians are not allowed to enter the museum.

  12. In case of various emergencies, do not panic and follow the instructions of the staff.

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