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Erkuai cake
Xingyi erkuai cake has a long history in Qianxinan Prefecture and belongs to Buyi food. Buyi Nationality is mainly engaged in agriculture and rice cultivation with a long history, known as "rice nationality". Xingyi erkuai cake is evenly white, smooth and delicate in color, closely organized, not loose, without any additives. After heating, it has a fragrant  smell  and  delicious taste of glutinous. It is convenient to eat, and can be fried, boiled, roasted, fried and other methods. Because Xingyi erkuai cake has its unique taste and a variety of eating methods, it has become one of the indispensable  foods for the local people, a famous tourist food with Guizhou characteristics for a long time.

Gangzi noodles
Xingyi Shuji Gangzi noodle is a kind of derived noodle which was developed by Shujia's ancestors according to the three traditional techniques of Chinese hand-made noodle - "pressing", "pulling" and "cutting". It uses refined flour and native eggs to knead into dough according to the special technical formula and flour, and then uses a piece of 1.8 Meters long, diameter of about 10 cm of wood bar rolling - folding - rolling .This is repeated until the dough is rolled into a piece less than 0.3mm thick and then folded into a pile. The dough is cut into thin wires with a dough knife. The finished product is crisp and delicious after being cooked, and can be matched with sentry at will. It is unique among many flavor snacks in Southwest Guizhou. Diners give it the elegant "barbed noodles".

Shuabatou cake
Shuabatou cake  is named for its shape like the bamboo brush used by the people.
Shuabatou cake is made of exquisite materials and fine workmanship. Its main materials are bamboo shoots, lean meat, flour and eggs. The artificial cut face is as thin as armour paper and close as lotus leaf. When synthesizing, first put lean meat, then put bamboo shoots, and then fold them into a steamer for several minutes.
Dip the  matching sauce into the shuabatou cake , it will make it  particularly delicious.

Five colors glutinous rice
Five colors glutinous rice is a traditional snack in Buyi  areas. Because glutinous rice is usually black, red, yellow, white and purple, it is also called "WuFan".It was dyed by four plants such as purple rattan, yellow flower, maple leaf,spodiopogon cotulifer.
Every year on the March 3,lunar month or the Qingming Festival, people of all Buyi ethnic groups in Xingyi generally make five color glutinous rice. The buyi family loved the five colored glutinous rice very much and regarded it as a symbol of good luck and good harvest. Five color glutinous rice is colorful, bright and attractive; natural pigments are beneficial to human body, with fragrance and flavor. Five color glutinous rice is good in color, fragrance and taste. It also has functions of nourishing, fitness, medical treatment and beauty.

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